Virtuosa Flute Solos

Flute solos by women composers from the Baroque era to the present

Did you know?? 68% of professional flutists in the US are women*… but only 11.8% of our orchestra concerts include works by women composers.*

And 58.4% of the composers programmed in those concerts lived in historical eras.**

*Suby Raman – gender representation in 20 top American orchestras, 2014
**Institute of Composer Diversity – 2022 Orchestra Repertoire Report
Flute Solos by Women Composers
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Flute Solos by Women Composers

In Baroque Europe, women were not typically allowed to play wind or string instruments or compose. Those that did were rare, and often came from musical families. Others were nuns or students at institutions such as Ospedale della Pietà in Venice, the orphanage where Vivaldi taught.

Baroque & Classical Era Solos

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Flute Solos & Transcriptions

Wilhelmine von BayreuthSonata in a minor1730Elder sister of Frederick the GreatFurore Verlag
Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre6 Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord1707AKA 6 Sonatas for Harpsichord that can be Played on the ViolinPublic Domain
Anna Amalia von PreußenSonata in F1723-1787Younger sister of Frederick the Great; writes in gallant styleEdition Schott
Anna Bon di VeneziaSix Sonatas, Op. 11756A great substitution for flute sonatas by C.P.E. BachPublic Domain

Classical & Baroque Era Solos

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Flute Solos & Transcriptions

Maria Theresia von ParadisSicilienne in E-flat Major1759-1824Originally for violin; see “transcriptions” tab in IMSLP for flute versionPublic Domain
Laura Maddalena Sirmen3 Violin Concertos, Op. 21745-1818Nos. 1 & 2 are in the flute range except for a handful of low notesPublic Domain
Anna Bon di VeneziaSix Sonatas, Op. 11756Transitional late Baroque/early Classical stylePublic Domain

Accompanied Sonatas

Sophia DussekSonata for Pianoforte, Op. 11793Piano accompanied by flute or violinHildegard Publishing
Jane Mary Guest6 Sonatas, Op. 11783Sonatas for keyboard accompanied by flute or violin; dedicated to the Queen of Great BritainPublic Domain
Anne Valentine10 Sonatas for Keyboard and Violin or Flute1790ClarNan Editions

In 1873, Josephine Amann-Weinlich founded the first all-women orchestra in Europe. Cécile Chaminade became the first woman awarded the Légion d’honneur in 1913, and Lili Boulanger won the Prix de Rome that same year.

Romantic Era Flute Solos

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Flute Solos & Transcriptions

Leopoldine BlahetkaVariations, Op. 391835Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Edition Schott
Mel BonisAir Vaudois1916Studied w/Cesar Franck at the Paris ConservatoryEdition Kossack
Mel BonisAndante et Allegro, Op. 1331929European publisher – special order to USEdition Kossack
Mel BonisPièce, Op. 1891880sIncluded in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Edition Schott
Mel BonisScherzo Op. Posth. 187UndatedFinal movement of a lost sonata found by family after her death in 1937Edition Kossack
Mel BonisSelected Pieces1890s4 piano pieces arranged for flute & piano: Près de ruisseau, Pensées d’automne, Meditation, and ViennoiseForton Music
Mel BonisSonata Op. 64 in c# minor1904Edition Kossack
Mel BonisUne Flûte Soupire, Op. 1211936Edition Kossack
Lili BoulangerBoulanger: Complete Flute Works1893-19184 short pieces for flute or violinEdition Schott
Lili BoulangerCortège1914For violin or flute and piano; published as “Deux Morceaux” with “Nocturne”Graham Bastable
Lili BoulangerD’un Matin de Printemps1917Lili’s character pieces can also be performed together as movementsPublic Domain
Lili BoulangerNocturne1911Originally for violinPublic Domain
Lili BoulangerPièce1910Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Edition Schott
Clarisse Bourdeney3 Egologues, Op. 611912For Flute & PianoPublic Domain
Dora BrightRomance and Seguidilla1891Trübcher Music Editions
Teresa CarreñoMi Teresita1896Latina composer; violin transcription playable on flute. Also published as “Keiner Waltzer”Public Domain
Cécile ChaminadeAir de Ballet, Op. 301911Transcribed for flute & piano (originally for piano solo)Public Domain
Cécile ChaminadeAutomne, Op. 35, No. 21893Arr. by Trevor Wye for flute & piano (orig. piano solo)Falls House Press
Cécile ChaminadeConcertino, Op. 1071902Public Domain
Cécile ChaminadeMignonne1892Originally for voice, with text by Pierre de RonsardInternational Music Company
Cécile ChaminadePastorale Enfantine, Op. 121898Transcribed for flute or violin & piano (orig. piano solo)Public Domain
Cécile ChaminadePièce Romantique, Op. 91897Transcribed for flute & piano (originally for piano solo)Éditions Durand
Cécile ChaminadeSérénade aux Etoiles, Op. 1421911Also included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Public Domain
Cécile ChaminadeSérénade Espagnole, Op. 1501904Originally for violin & pianoPublic Domain
Cécile ChaminadeThème Varié, Op. 891898Originally for solo pianoInternational Music Company
Cécile ChaminadeToccata, Op. 391887Originally for solo piano; fast, virtuosic show pieceInternational Music Company
Cécile ChaminadeVillanelle1894Originally for voice and piano in F majorInternational Music Company
Clémence de GrandvalSuite de Morceaux18765 movements; a great substitution for the Widor SuitePublic Domain
Clémence de GrandvalValse Mélancolique1898For flute and harp; composer is also known as Marie GrandvalPublic Domain
Augusta HolmèsTrois Petites Pièces1847-1903Chanson, Clair de lune, and GigueTux People’s Music
Emilie MayerNotturno, Op. 481812-1883Originally for violinNaama Neuman
Emilie MayerSonata in D Major1812-1883Originally for violinFurore Verlag
Fanny MendelssohnSchwanenlied1805-1847Originally for voicePublic Domain
Laura NetzelBerceuse, Op. 691900Composer also published under pen name “N. Lago;” for flute or violinPublic Domain
Laura NetzelColibri, Op. 721912For flute or violinPublic Domain
Laura NetzelHumoresque, Op. 371896For violin; playable on the flutePublic Domain
Laura NetzelSuite, Op. 331900Dedicated to Paul TaffanelPublic Domain
Amanda Röntgen-MaierSonata in B Minor1878Transcribed by Carol Wincenc; originally for violinHal Leonard/Keiser
Clara SchumannThree Romances, Op. 221819-1896Originally for violin and pianoFalls House Press
Pauline ViardotFleur Desséchée1821-1910Originally for voice and pianoOpen Cloud
Pauline ViardotRomance, Six Morceaux No. 11821-1910Violin solo playable on flute (leave out the double stops)Public Domain

During this century, we also begin to see more women composers writing flute solos and a broader variety of musical publications accessible to flutists.

20th Century Flute Solos

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Flute Solos & Transcriptions

Adelaida AgueroDreaming Waltz1911Public Domain
Caroline AnsinkEpitaph fur Mariusb. 1959Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Edition Schott
Claude ArrieuConcerto in G Major1946Piano reductionBoosey & Hawkes
Claude ArrieuSonatine1944Editions Amphion
Emma Louise AshfordAt Sunset1920Use the arrangement for violin & guitar (originally for organ)Public Domain
Francine AubinNocturne2008Gerard Billaudot
Francine AubinValse de l’Aiglon1938-2016Editions Robert Martin
Grażyna BacewiczSonata for Flute & Piano1909-1969Special import to US available via Hal Leonard – allow 6-8 wks shippingPolskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne
Elsa BarraineElegie et Ronde1936Prix de Rome winner & member of Front National des Musiciens with Poulenc & Dutilleux Alphonse Leduc
Amy BeachLa Fée de la Fontaine1907from Les Rêves de Columbine, Op. 65; originally for piano soloInternational Music Co.
Amy BeachSonata in a minor, Op. 341896Originally for violin; transcribed by Alexa StillInternational Opus
Anne BoydGoldfish Through Summer Rain1979Australian composerFaber Editions
Therese BrenetLynx1935 –French school, late intermediate levelMusik Fabrik Music Publishing
Christine BrucknerTsetonob. 1967Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Edition Schott
Gloria CoatesPhantomb. 1938Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Edition Schott
Avril Coleridge-TaylorIdylle: for flute and pianoforte, op.211923Composer’s full name: Gwendolen Avril Coleridge-Taylor Boosey & Hawkes
Ruth CrawfordDiaphonic Suite1930For solo flute or oboeMerion Music
Dorothee EberhardtTraumeb. 1952Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Edition Schott
Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-GramattéBerceuse1899-1974For flute and pianoPlangere Editions
Katherine EggarIdyll1910Active member of the feminist movement in LondonALRY Publications
Cynthia FolioArca Sacra1954 –For solo fluteHildegard Publishing
Peggy Glanville-HicksSonatina1938Australian composer; for flute/treble recorder & piano; PDF version availableEdition Schott
Lita GrierSonata1956Ldg Music Publishing
Sofia GubaidulinaAllegro Rustico & Sounds of the Forest1963Sikorski
Barbara HellerParlano1993Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Edition Schott
Miriam HydeDancing Shadows1913-2005Australian composer w/ post-romantic style; print edition available in US through FluteWorldAustralian Musc Centre
Miriam HydeFlute Sonata1962Australian publisher; PDF download availableWirripang Pty Ltd
Libby LarsenAubade1982For unaccompanied fluteE. C. Schirmer Music Company
Ivana LoudováSuite for Solo Fluteb. 1941G Schirmer, Inc.
Meta OvermanFlute Sonata No. 11907-1993Australian Composer & publisher; PDF download availableWirripang Pty Ltd
Meta OvermanFlute Sonata No. 21907-1993Australian Composer & publisher; PDF download availableWirripang Pty Ltd
Dora PejačevićSlavic Sonata, Op. 43 in b minor1917For flute & piano; advanced level; composer was a Croatian countessEdition Kossack
Florence PriceAdoration1951Originally for organ; arranged for flute & pianoPublic Domain
Germaine TailleferreConcertino1953Double concerto for flute & piano; premiered by RampalGerard Billaudot
Germaine TailleferreDeuxième Sonate (Sonata No. 2)1951Originally for violinALRY Publications
Germaine TailleferreForlane1972Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Edition Schott
Germaine TailleferrePastorale1919Originally for violin; Tailleferre was the only woman in “Les Six”Theodore Presser
Germaine TailleferreSicilienne1948A pastorale for flute and piano from her Ballet Paris-MagieMusik Fabrik Music Publishing
Germaine TailleferreTrois Danses de “La Nouvelle Cythère”19293 dances from a ballet composed for the Ballets RussesMusik Fabrik Music Publishing
Joan TowerFlute Concerto1989dedicated to Carol WincencAssociated Music Publishers
Grete von ZieritzBokelberger Suite1940This piece is at 31:50 in video in accompanying playlistRies & Erler Verlag

The widest variety of flute solos by women composers can be found in our own times – both in terms of the range of compositional styles employed and in the diversity of the women writing these pieces.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of modern flute solos, I’ve tried to give a snapshot of a wide variety of pieces and include composers from all around the world who write music for the Western transverse flute.

21st Century Flute Solos

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Flute Solos & Transcriptions

Jean AhnBlush2019For solo woodwind – flute, oboe, clarinet, or saxophoneArrangeMe / Hal Leonard
Maya BadianEchoes1996Canadian Music Centre
Sarah BassingthwaighteLeft Behind2021Unaccompanied flute, left hand only; extended techniques include harmonics and whistle tones; recording on publisher’s SoundcloudALRY Publications
Nicole ChamberlainAsphyxia2016Unaccompanied flute; extended techniques include multiphonics, jet whistles, and pitch bendsSpotted Rocket
Chen YiThe Golden Fluteb. 1953Theodore Presser
Chen YiMemory2010Originally for violinTheodore Presser
Chen YiThree Bagatelles from China West2005Duet for flute & piano; inspired by Chinese folk musicTheodore Presser
Valerie ColemanDanza de la Mariposa2011Theodore Presser
Valerie ColemanWish2015Sonatine for flute & pianoTheodore Presser
Tomoko FukuiA Color Song on B1995European Music Publishing
Maria GrenfellFour Pooh Stories1992Based on the stories of A.A. Milne; for solo fluteCentre For New Zealand Music
Maria GrenfellMaui Tikitiki a Taranga1998Concerto for flute and orchestra in 3 movements; depicts stories of the demigod MauiCentre For New Zealand Music
Amanda HarbergCourt Dances2017Theodore Presser
Jennifer HigdonAutumn Reflection1994LGBTQ+ composerLawdon Press
Jennifer HigdonFlute Poetic2006LGBTQ+ composerLawdon Press
Jennifer Higdonrapid*fire1992LGBTQ+ composer; for unaccompanied flute; extended techniques include flutter tonguing and harmonicsLawdon Press
Katherine HooverMedieval Suite1996Theodore Presser
Adina IzarraEl Amolador1992Latina composerLatin American Frontiers International Publishers
Hi-Kyung KimInstant Breath1999Soo Moon Dang
Liza LimBioluminescence2019Australian Music Centre
Allison Loggins-HullHomeland2018Flutronix Publishing
Phyllis LoukeSpirit of the Stallion2013Two Native American Landscapes for Flute Alone; dedicated to Charles Littleleaf, Native American flutist & traditional flute makerTheodore Presser
Cecilia McDowallThe Moon Dances2013Commissioned by Susan MilanHunt Edition
Catherine McMichaelA Cottage Collectionb. 1954Trillium, Ros Botham (Rose Cottage) and As She Was arranged for flute and pianoALRY Publications
Angela MorleyValse Bleue2004LGBTQ+ composerNovello
Judy NishimuraMood Swingsb. 1953Published in collection “21st Century Masterworks – 11 Pieces for Flute Alone”ALRY Publications
Gabriela OritzAlejandrías Sonoras2011Latina composerBoosey & Hawkes
Shulamit RanBirds of Paradise2014Israeli-American Composer; flute and pianoTheodore Presser
Shulamit RanEast Wind for Solo Flute1987Unaccompanied flute; extended techniques include pitch bends, key clicks, and percussive ‘spit tongue’ articulationsTheodore Presser
Elizabeth RaumConversations for Flute and Piano1982Canadian composerCanadian Music Centre
Eugenie RocherolleSonata No. 12009Dedicated to Jeannie BaxtresserHal Leonard
Various Composers21st Century Masterworks – 11 Pieces for Flute AloneVariousUnaccompanied flute solos by contemporary women composersALRY Publications
Yuko UebayashiSonate2018?Combines French impressionism & Japanese film musicAlphonse Leduc
Ellen Taaffe ZwilichConcerto for Flute and Orchestra1989Flute + piano reduction; dedicated to Doriot Anthony DwyerMerion Music
Ellen Taaffe ZwilichConcerto Elegia2014Flute + piano reduction (orig. flute + string orchestra)Theodore Presser

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