Piccolo, alto, and bass flute solos by women composers

Piccolo, alto, and bass flute solos by women composers

Although the modern piccolo was invented in the mid-1800s, we don’t see a lot of piccolo music by women composers until about a century later. If you prefer playing historical repertoire, check out the Baroque flute sonatas on the main VFS page – many of these will also work well on piccolo.

To view the full playlist of piccolo solos by women composers, click on the three lines in the top right corner of the video or visit my YouTube channel.

Adrienne AlbertPiccolodeon2012Duet for piccolo and pianoPicc, pfFalls House Press
Amy BeachHermit Thrush, Op. 921921Originally for solo piano; arr. GibsonPicc, pfJB Linear Music
Élise BertrandSonatine, Op. 62012PiccBillaudot
Marilyn BlissRima1989Picc, pfAmerican Composers Editions
Lisa Bost-SandbergStrikingly for Piccolo and Fixed Media2021Commissioned as part of Claudia Anderson’s “Glass Ceilings” projectPicc, elecChromaworks Press
Nicole ChamberlainDeath Whistle2018PiccSpotted Rocket
Nicole ChamberlainLa Charmeur2016For picc, pf, and silent film; includes some extended techniquesPicc, pfSpotted Rocket
Nicole ChamberlainLiliputian2016Extended techniques include pitch bendsPicc, music box/glockenspiel/toy pfSpotted Rocket
Jessica DanielsAcrobatics1998Progressive collection of 3 solos; Soundcloud recording on ALRY Publications’ accountPicc, pfALRY Publications
Jessica DanielsGold Rush Suite20123 movements; Soundcloud recording on United Music & Media Publishers accountPiccALRY Publications
Sophie DufeutrelleFlammerole2022Picc, pfALRY Publications
Claire Durand-RacamatoLumière de Soleil1996Inspired by bird songPiccHildegard Publishing
Marija EsihPikulir2023Lyrical, with extended techniquesPicc, pfTrübcher Music
Margaret Griebling-HaighHebert Variations20072005 NFA Piccolo Artist Competition piece; 8 variations in honor of William HebertPicc, pfJeanne Inc
Amanda HarbergConcerto2021Picc, orchTheodore Presser
Amanda HarbergHall of Ghosts20202024 NFA Piccolo Artist Competition piecePiccTheodore Presser
Amanda HarbergSonata2018Picc, pfTheodore Presser
Dana JorasQuirks of Quarks2013PiccALRY Publications
Vítězslava KaprálováTales of a Small Flute1940Two little pieces, ed. Němec; email publisher to orderFl/rec/picc, pfAmos Editio
Elena Kats-CherninEliza Aria2009From the ballet “Wild Swans Suite”Picc/fl, pfBoosey & Hawkes
Alison Loggins-HullSay Can You2020Companion piece to “Homeland;” commissioned by NFA Piccolo Young Artist CompetitionPicc, elecFlutronix Publishing
Polly MollerPenelopeb. 1967Avant-garde piece; extended techniques include breath sounds & vocal soundsPiccAlry Publications
Thea MusgravePiccolo Play1989Commissioned by NFA Piccolo Committee; 5 mvts in homage to CouperinPicc, pfNovello
Lisa NeherNight Song for Moths2020Commissioned by & dedicated to Rose BishopPiccD.C. al Platypus
Carla ReesNightsong2016PiccTetractys Publishing
Kaija SaariahoDolce Tormento2004For piccolo + narratorPiccChester Music
Su Lian TanConcerto for Piccolo and Chamber Orchestra20203 movements; incorporates Malaysian gamelan themesPicc, orch/pf reductionE.C. Shirmer

While many of the pieces below have recordings on YouTube, there are also several that do not. Most of the solos that are not in the YouTube playlist for this section have SoundCloud recordings, and I’ve noted the account name you can find them under in the “Description” column.

Francisca AquinoGosto de Brazil1999Translation of the title: “A Taste of Brazil”Afl, pfAssunto Grave
Grace AsquithGreen From SpectrumMovement 5 from “Spectrum, A Suite for Flutes;” audio recording on publisher websiteAfl, pfArrangeMe
Sarah BassingthwaighteAmhrán na hEascainne (Song of the Eel)2020Includes pitch bends and color tones; optional drone; also available for c fluteAfl/flAlry Publications
Eve BelgarianI Will Not Be Sad in This World2009For alto/bass and pre-recorded audio of the composer’s singingAfl/bfl, elecTheodore Presser
Anne la BerjeFixiation2015For alto + prerecorded CD of other flutesAfl, elecFrog Peak Music
Kaja BjørntvedtUt2010Duet w/pre-recorded & processed tuba part; includes improvised sectionsAfl, elecTetractys Publishing
Marilyn BlissLament1984Based on Martha Graham’s dance, “Lamentation;” recording on album “Airs to Charm a Lizard” by Katherine KleitzAfl/flAmerican Composers Alliance
Lisa Bost-SandbergAs Their Own2005Short, lyrical solo written for a wedding; audio recording on composer’s websiteAflChromaworks Press
Lisa Bost-Sandbergwhen it rains / the river stands still2006Circular breathing requiredAflLisa Bost-Sandberg
Jenni BrandonThe Dreams of Birds2011Afl, pfJenni Brandon Music
Nicole ChamberlainFlexionb. 1977AflSpotted Rocket
Sophie DufeutrelleVagues Vagues (Waves)1996AflAlphonse Leduc
Claire Durand-RacamatoButterfly Dreaming1997Published in collection “Twentieth Century Music”AflHildegard Publishing
Talia ErdalBallade for the Death of a Dove2019AflTetractys Publishing
Ruth GippsThe St. Francis Window, Op. 671986Afl, pfEmerson Edition
Chiquinha GonzagaAtrahente (Polka)2004Arr. Francisca Aquino; playlist video is a different arrangementAfl, pfAssunto Grave
Samantha HoganWinter Iceb. 1990Also an alternate version with alto and vibraphone; audio recording on composer’s websiteAfl, pfCoffeeSealMusic
Jenny JacksonPurge2018Short solo piece; also 1st movement of suite “Melodrama;” audio recording on SoundCloud @jennyjacksoncomposerAfl/flTetractys Publishing
Rhonda LarsonSlow Tears2003For alto, piano, and optional organ/synthAfl, pfWood Nymph Music
Alexandra LehmannA Burns Flute Cycle2019For alto, piano and optional c flute & bass fluteAfl, pfForton Music
Ellen LindquistNakoda2002Uses lots of extended techniquesAflPotenza Music
Alison Loggins-HullColor Wheels2017Afl, elecFlutronix Publishing
Phyllis Avidan LoukeAs the Clouds Partedb. 19585 character sketches; audio on composer’s website & SoundCloud @UMMPAfl, pfAlry Publications
Phyllis Avidan LoukeBig Skyb. 19584-movement programmatic work; audio recording on composer’s websiteAfl/flALRY Publications
Phyllis Avidan LoukeCastle in the Mistb. 1958Inspired by Renaissance music; recording on SoundCloud @UMMPAfl/flALRY Publications
Phyllis Avidan LoukeChristmas Landscapesb. 19584 Christmas carols for church or holiday gatherings; recording on SoundCloud @UMMPAfl/bfl/flALRY Publications
Laura PettigrewLegendsb. 19542 movementsAfl, pfALRY Publications
Laura PettigrewOffertoire2010Afl/flALRY Publications
Laura PettigrewWinter Solstice2007Afl/fl, pfALRY Publications
Christine PotterAlto a la Mode2022Inspired by beatboxing and jazzAflTheodore Presser
Sylvia RickardRarescale2006Also a version for flute and harpAfl/fl, pfAvondale Press
Ali RyersonJazz Dream2022Jazz solo for classically-trained flutistsFl/afl/bflTheodore Presser
Kaija SaariahoCouleurs du Vent1998AflMusic Sales America
Parisa SabetNay Nava (The Song of the Nay)2011AflCanadian Music Centre
Alex ShapiroShiny Kiss1999Also available as a c flute soloAflActivist Music
Aida ShiraziWhispering in the Wind2020Extended techniques include pitch bends, timbral trills, air sounds, whistle tones, and quarter tonesAflBabel Scores
Christa Steenhuyse-VandeveldeRomanceSoundCloud recording @UMMPAfl, pfAlry Publications
Martha StoddardLeavingb. 1955Program notes on publisher website; part of set “Music for Flutes”Afl/flTetractys Publishing
Martha StoddardReflectionsb. 1955Program notes on publisher website; part of set “Music for Flutes”Afl/flTetractys Publishing
Kathleen VadalaSea Change1987Afl, pfSouthern Music Co,
Ming WangDie Verwandelten Modi2010Uses harmonics & multiphonicsAflEdition HH Ltd
Keyna WilkinsStar Trance2018For alto or bass flute and recorded star soundsAfl/bfl, elecWiripang
Elizabeth WintersWhite Bird – Blackbird2011SoundCloud recording @ElizabethWintersAflTetractys Publishing

Like the alto flute section, many of the pieces below do not have recordings on YouTube. Most of the solos that are not in the YouTube playlist for this section have audio recordings on the composer’s website or SoundCloud. For the latter, I’ve noted the account name you can find them under in the “Description” column.

Diane BerryReflections 1Originally for violin, arr. by composerBfl/flAvondale Press
Madelyn ByrneFirst Flight, Early Spring2015Bass + computer-generated sounds; audio recording on SoundCloud @Madelyn ByrneBfl, elecMadelyn Byrne
Madelyn ByrneIn a Winter Landscape2011Bass + computer-generated sounds; audio recording on SoundCloud @Madelyn ByrneBfl, elecMadelyn Byrne
Carmen Maria Cârneci…une main immense2000For bass or contrabass fluteBfl/cb flRicordi
Nicole ChamberlainImperial Topaz2018For contrabass fluteCb flSpotted Rocket
Nicole ChamberlainThrive2022Audio recording on composer’s websiteBfl/cb flSpotted Rocket
Shiva FesharekiShe Cried2007Originally for female voice; arr. by composer; audio recording on SoundCloud @TetractysBflTetractys Publishing
Ruth GippsCool Running Water, Op. 771991Bfl, pfTickerage Press
Phyllis Avidan LoukeBlessings & Celebration2007Finalist in 2008 NFA Newly Published Music CompetitionBfl/afl/flALRY Publications
Phyllis Avidan LoukeContraBasie Blues2016Jazz solo for bass or contrabass + optional bassline accompanimentBflALRY Publications
Stephanie MilneShadows2015Audio recording on SoundCloud @TetractysCb flTetractys Publishing
Coreen MorsinkDrys: The Mighty Oak20223 movementsBflTetractys Publishing
Vivienne OliveIs the Flower of the Heart of Man1980Audio recording on SoundCloud @vanishingpointsBflFurore Editions
Alex ShapiroBelow2008For contrabass + electronic soundscape; commissioned by Peter SheridanCb fl, elecActivist Music
Alex ShapiroIntermezzo2012Fl/bfl, hp/pfActivist Music
Katia TiutiunnikUna Notte Sacra2015Bfl/cb flAlea Publishing
Lynne WilliamsPatterns2012For subcontrabass flute; some extended techniques, including key slapsScb flForton Music

Many of the pieces below are intended for a single performer who plays a different flute in each movement. However, several are also available for c flute, in order to help make them more accessible.

Jean AhnBlush II2019Fl, aflArrangeMe
Nicole ChamberlainSmorgasbordb. 1977Movements 1-3 are for c flute, movement 4 is for piccoloFl, piccSpotted Rocket
Stacey GarropPhoenix Rising2019Originally for saxophoneAfl, flTheodore Presser
Barbara HellerLa Palmera1997Afl, flFurore Editions
Katherine HooverTwo for Twob. 1937Afl, bfl, pfPapagena Press
Adina IzarraEl Amolador & Luvina1992El Amolador – c flute; Luvina – bass + reverbFl, bflLafi Publishers Ltd
Antje LangkafelFlutwasser / Extra1994Flutwasser – for c flute + sung harmonics; Extra – for bass flutefl, bflFurore Editions
Catherine McMichaelBaikal Journey20024 movements; can be played entirely on c fluteBfl, afl, fl, picc/Eb fl, pfALRY Publications
Florentine MulsantInterieur pour un flutiste1987Uses extended techniquesBfl, afl, piccFurore Editions
Katia TiutiunnikApoteosi1995Picc, fl, aflAustralian Music Centre