Flute Music by Women Composers

Most “traditional” flute repertoire was composed by men – but the vast majority of modern flutists are women! Check out this free resource for 160+ flute solos by women composers, from the Baroque era to the present. It includes playlists, publisher info, and everything you need to start programming flute music by women composers.

Black and white image of a flute placed diagonally across a page from Anna Bon di Venezia's Sonata in F Major, Op. 1, No. 2, with the words "Free Sheet Music - Flute Solos by Women Composers" in turquoise script.

A starter guide to intermediate & advanced flute music by women composers in the public domain, available for free on IMSLP. Whether you don’t have the current budget for new music, want to sightread a few things first, or need a digital download right now, this blog post has you covered!

Women’s Music History

Portrait of an 18th century woman in a blue and white dress, blue lace choker, and a white bonnet with a blue ribbon holding a wooden flute. An open book of sheet music rests on a desk in the bottom left. Script in the top left reads: "Leading ladies of flute history."

Just because women’s traditions in instrumental music aren’t commonly discussed in music history doesn’t mean they never existed. Read this post to meet 24 trailblazing women flutists, from ancient Greece to 20th century America!

Excerpt from a timeline of women's achievements in the Romantic era of Western classical music, listing a handful of events from the 1830s - 1850s.
Romantic era

Free printable showing a timeline of the achievements of women musicians, conductors, and composers from the Romantic era. Download your copy to learn about stories from music history that your textbook left out!

Feminist Musicology

Black and white image of a flute lying horizontally across a page of handwritten music manuscript and words that read: "3 books on my T.B.R. list for gender studies and classical music."

Interested in learning more about the intersection of gender studies and classical music? Here’s a look behind the scenes at some of the resources on my to-be-read list! Click the link above for a few classic texts and new resources in the field of feminist musicology.

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A flute lying horizontally across a stack of brown, black, and blue books whose spines read: "Gender and the Musical Canon," "Voices for Change in the Classical Music Profession," and "Constructing Sexualities."

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