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Flute solos by Women Composers

Below is the full Virtuosa Flute Solos database, with pieces arranged in alphabetical order by composer’s last name. Click on the header bars to reorganize columns by year of composition or publisher, or use the search bar to look up specific keywords (note: only cells containing your exact text will show up as results).

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Jean AhnBlush2019Korean composer; extended techniques: mictorones and glissandiFlArrangeMe
Jean AhnToys2016Korean composer; explores themes about motherhoodFl, pfArrangeMe
Lora Al-AhmadTwo Skazkas2019Bulgarian composer; two short, contrasting pieces based on fairy talesFlTheodore Presser
Claire AllenStudy in Blue2013Audio recording on publisher’s SoundcloudFlTetractys Publishing
Caroline AnsinkEpitaph fur Mariusb. 1959Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Fl, pfEdition Schott
Claude ArrieuConcerto in G Major1946Piano reductionFl, pfBoosey & Hawkes
Claude ArrieuPièce pour Flûte et Piano (Sicilienne)1903-1990Fl, pfEditions Amphion
Claude ArrieuScherzo1903-1990Fl/vln, pfEnoch
Claude ArrieuSonatine1944Claude Arrieu was the pen name for Louise Marie SimonFl, pfEditions Amphion
Emma Louise AshfordAt Sunset1920Originally for organ; violin arrangement playable on flute; arr. HögerVl, gtrPublic Domain
Francine AubinNocturne2008Fl, pfGerard Billaudot
Francine AubinValse de l’Aiglon1938-2016Fl, pfEditions Robert Martin
Grażyna BacewiczSonata for Flute & Piano1909-1969Special import to US available via Hal Leonard – allow 6-8 weeks for shippingFl, pfPolskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne
Tekla Bądarzewska-BaranowskaLa prière d’une vierge, Op.41856AKA Théela Badarzevska; originally for piano; transcription based on version in Am häuslichen Herd, Op.406, ed. KronFl, pfFlute Tunes
Maya BadianEchoes – Résonances1996Extended techniques include flutter tongue, glissando, key clicks, and singing while playingFlCanadian Music Centre
Ethel BarnsHumoresque1909Violin solo within flute range (leave out the double stops)Vl, pfPublic Domain
Elsa BarraineElegie et Ronde1936Prix de Rome winner & member of Front National des Musiciens with Poulenc & DutilleuxFl, pfAlphonse Leduc
Sarah BassingthwaighteLeft Behind2021Left hand only; extended techniques include harmonics and whistle tones; recording on publisher’s SoundcloudFlALRY Publications
Marion BauerPrelude and Fugue, Op. 431947Ed. Aichele & Pickett; possibly composed for Edith SagulFl, pfHildegard Publishing
Wilhelmine von BayreuthSonata in a minor1730Elder sister of Frederick the GreatFl, pfFurore Verlag
Amy BeachLa Fée de la Fontaine1907from Les Rêves de Columbine, Op. 65; originally for solo pianoFl, pfInternational Music Co.
Amy BeachFive Selected Pieces1867-1944Berceuse, Op. 40, No. 2; Mazurka, Op. 40, No. 3; Invocation, Op. 55; Barcarolle, Op. 28, No. 1; Romance, Op. 23; arr. BrownFl, pfFalls House Press
Amy BeachFrom Grandmother’s Garden, Op. 971922Originally for solo piano, arr. Gibson; Nos. 2 and 3 can be purchased individually via ArrangeMeFl, pfALRY Publications
Amy BeachRomance. Op. 231867-1944Arr. Stillman; originally for violin and piano; available from mimistillman.comFl, pfSyrinx Press
Amy BeachSonata in a minor, Op. 341896Originally for violin; transcribed by Alexa StillFl, pfInternational Opus
Diane BerryCalling2013For flute and recorded loon callsFl, elecCanadian Music Centre
Louise BertinOverture du loup-garou1827Comic opera overture; see “Transcriptions” tab in IMSLP; arr. BertinFl, pfPublic Domain
Élise BertrandImpressions Liturgiques, Op. 2b. 2000Fl, pfÉditions Billaudot
Maria BianchiniFantasia Fantastica sull’aria “Casta Diva” dall’opera Norma di V. Bellini1835-1910Composer was a virtuoso flutistFlScribd
Leopoldine BlahetkaVariations, Op. 391835Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Fl, pfEdition Schott
Caroline Boissier-ButiniPiano Concerto No. 61786-1836See “Transcriptions” tab in IMSLP for obbligato flute partPf, fl obbPublic Domain
Mel BonisAir Vaudois1916Fl, pfEdition Kossack
Mel BonisAndante et Allegro, Op. 1331929European publisher – special order to USFl, pfEdition Kossack
Mel BonisPièce, Op. 1891880sIncluded in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Fl, pfEdition Schott
Mel BonisScherzo, Op. Posth. 187UndatedFinal movement of a lost sonata found by family after her death in 1937Fl, pfEdition Kossack
Mel BonisSelected Pieces1890s4 pieces originally for piano: Près de ruisseau, Pensées d’automne, Meditation, and Viennoise; arr. RainfordFl, pfForton Music
Mel BonisSonata in c# minor, Op. 641904Fl, pfEdition Kossack
Mel BonisUne Flûte Soupire, Op. 1211936Fl, pfEdition Kossack
Henriëtte BosmansConcertstuk1929Audio recording on publisher’s websiteFl, pf/orchDonemus
Lili BoulangerBoulanger: Complete Flute Works1893-19184 short pieces: D’un matin de printemps, Nocturne, Cortège, and Pièce; ed. Weinzierl & WächterFl/vl, pfEdition Schott
Lili BoulangerCortège1914Published as “Deux Morceaux” with “Nocturne,” ed. Bastable; at 3:00 in playlist videoFl/vl, pfInternational Music Company
Lili BoulangerD’un Matin de Printemps1917Character pieces can be performed separately, or together as movementsFl, pfPublic Domain
Lili BoulangerNocturne1911Originally for violin; arr. Jan L. R.Fl, pfPublic Domain
Lili BoulangerPièce1910Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Fl, pfEdition Schott
Clarisse Bourdeney3 Egologues, Op. 611912Fl, pfPublic Domain
Anne BoydGoldfish Through Summer Rain1979Fl, pfFaber Editions
Marthe Henriod BracquemondSonatine pour flûte seule1898-1973FlAlphonse Leduc
Thérèse BrenetLynxb. 1935Fl, pfMusik Fabrik Music Publishing
Dora BrightRomance and Seguidilla1891Fl, pfTrübcher Music Editions
Christine BrucknerTsetonob. 1967Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Fl, pfEdition Schott
Francesca CacciniLasciatemi qui solo1618From “Il Primo Libro delle Musiche;” Nicole Esposito takes mm. 58-76 8va; for voice + continuo but playable on fluteV, bcEarly Music Scores
Teresa CarreñoCorbeille des Fleurs, Op. 91853-1917Venezuelan composer; waltz; abridged version in collection “10 Masterpieces by Women Composers for Flute”Fl, pf8 Notes
Teresa CarreñoMi Teresita1896Venezuelan composer; violin transcription playable on flute, arr. Hartmann. Also published as “Keiner Waltzer”Vl, pfPublic Domain
Nicole ChamberlainAsphyxia2016Extended techniques include multiphonics, jet whistles, and pitch bendsFlSpotted Rocket
Cécile ChaminadeAir de Ballet, Op. 301911Originally for solo pianoFl, pfPublic Domain
Cécile ChaminadeAutomne, Op. 35, No. 21893Originally for solo piano; arr. WyeFl, pfFalls House Press
Cécile ChaminadeConcertino, Op. 1071902Concert band transcription arr. Wilson published by Carl FischerFl, pf/orchPublic Domain
Cécile ChaminadePastorale Enfantine, Op. 121898Originally for solo piano; arr. AlderFl, pfPublic Domain
Cécile ChaminadePièce Romantique, Op. 91897Originally for solo piano; arr. LafleuranceFl, pfÉditions Durand
Cécile ChaminadeSérénade aux Etoiles, Op. 1421911Also included in collections “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen” and “Three Pieces” arr. BastableFl, pfPublic Domain
Cécile ChaminadeSérénade Espagnole, Op. 1501904For violin & piano but playable on flute; ed. KreislerVl, pfPublic Domain
Cécile ChaminadeThree Pieces for Flute and Piano1892-1911Arr. Bastable. Includes Sérénade aux Etoiles, Op. 142; Mignonne; and Thème Varié, Op. 89Fl, pfInternational Music Company
Cécile ChaminadeThree Pieces for Flute and Piano1900sArr. Joras. Includes L’Ondine, Op. 101; La Lisonjera, Op. 50; and Valse, Op. 77, No. 2Fl, pfALRY Publications
Cécile ChaminadeToccata, Op. 391887Originally for solo piano; fast, virtuosic show piece; arr. BuonanniFl, pfInternational Music Company
Cécile ChaminadeVillanelle1894Originally for voice and piano; arr. StroudFl, pfInternational Music Company
Dorothy ChangFlight2022Chinese-American composer; flute concerto that received a JUNO nomination; recording on Vimeo @Canadian Music Centre BCFl, orchCanadian Music Centre
Chen YiFisherman’s Song1999Chinese-American composer; originally for vl + pf; based on the style of Cantonese folk songs; trans. by composer in 2022Fl, pfTheodore Presser
Chen YiThe Golden Flute1997Chinese-American composer; Chen is family nameFl, pf/orchTheodore Presser
Chen YiMemory2010Chinese-American composer; originally for violinFlTheodore Presser
Chen YiThree Bagatelles from China West2005Chinese-American composer; duet inspired by Chinese folk music; also arranged for fl and gtr/cl/vcl or 2 flFl, pfTheodore Presser
Hedwige ChrétienVision1920Became a professor at the Paris Conservatoire in 1889Fl, pfPublic Domain
Gloria CoatesPhantomb. 1938Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Fl, pfEdition Schott
Valerie ColemanDanza de la Mariposa2011Black composerFlTheodore Presser
Valerie ColemanFanmi Imèn2018Haitian creole for “Human Family,” after Maya Angelou’s poem; includes French, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African influencesFl, pfTheodore Presser
Valerie ColemanWish2015Black composer; sonatineFl, pfTheodore Presser
Avril Coleridge-TaylorIdylle, Op.211923Composer’s full name: Gwendolen Avril Coleridge-TaylorFl, pfBoosey & Hawkes
Ruth CrawfordDiaphonic Suite1930For unaccompanied flute or oboeFl/obMerion Music
Madeleine DringPolka for Flute and Piano1923-1977Fl, pfJosef Weinberger
Sophia DussekSonata for Pianoforte, Op. 11793First published in 1995Pf, fl accHildegard Publishing
Dorothee EberhardtTraumeb. 1952Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Fl, pfEdition Schott
Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-GramattéBerceuse, E. 551899-1974Fl, pfPlangere Editions
Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-GramattéImprovisation, E. 561899-1974Fl, pfPlangere Editions
Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-GramattéTwo Prestos, E. 89 / E. 1291899-1974Fl, pfPlangere Editions
Katherine EggarIdyll1910Active member of the feminist movement in LondonFl, pfALRY Publications
Reena EsmailChardonnay2001Indian-American composerFlA Piece of Sky Music
Reena EsmailFlute Sonata2019Indian-American composerFl, pfA Piece of Sky Music
Reena EsmailJhula Jhule2013Indian-American composer; rhapsody on an Indian lullaby; begins at 2:53 in playlist videoFl, pfA Piece of Sky Music
Louise FarrencÉtude Op. 50, No. 21876Originally for solo piano; included in collection “10 Masterpieces by Women Composers for Flute”Fl, pf8 Notes
Louise FarrencMélodie1846Originally for solo piano; arr. DebbautFl, pfArrangeMe
Vivian FineThe Flicker1973Handwritten score; some program notes on IMSLPFlPublic Domain
Cynthia FolioArca Sacrab. 1954Composer is also a flutist & music theoristFlHildegard Publishing
Gabriela Lena FrankIllapa: Tone Poem for Flute and Orchestra2004Latina composerFl, orchG Schirmer
Gabriela Lena FrankSueños de Chambi: Snapshots for an Andean Album2002Latina composer; originally for violin and piano; transcribed by composerFl/afl, pfG Schirmer
Peggy Glanville-HicksSonatina1938For flute/treble recorder & piano; PDF version availableFl/trec, pfEdition Schott
Chiquinha GonzagaAtraente (Polka)1877Brazillian composer, also published under the name “Francisca Gonzaga.” Playlist video is a different arrangement; alto flute transcription published by AssuntoGraveFl, pf8 Notes
Chiquinha GonzagaGaúcho1895Brazillian composer; from the burlesque operetta “Zizinha Maxixe.” In collection “10 Masterpieces by Women Composers for Flute”Fl, pf8 Notes
Chiquinha GonzagaLua Branca1910Brazillian composer; originally for voice. From the operetta Forrobodó; arr. PhillipsFl, gtrA. J. Cornell Publications
Chiquinha GonzagaNão insistas, rappariga!1847-1935Brazillian composer; short polka; arr. AquinoFl, pfAssuntoGrave
Clémence de GrandvalSuite de Morceaux18765 movements; a great substitution for the Widor SuiteFl, pfPublic Domain
Clémence de GrandvalValse Mélancolique1898Composer is also known as Marie GrandvalFl, hpPublic Domain
Maria GrenfellFour Pooh Stories1992Based on the stories of A.A. MilneFlCentre For New Zealand Music
Maria GrenfellMaui Tikitiki a Taranga1998Concerto in 3 movements; depicts stories of the demigod MauiFl, orchCentre For New Zealand Music
Lita GrierSonata1956Fl, pfLdg Music Publishing
Sofia GubaidulinaAllegro Rustico & Sounds of the Forest1963Fl, pfSikorski
Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre6 Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord1707AKA “6 Sonatas for Harpsichord that can be Played on the Violin;” for violin + continuo but playable on flute; also available from Furore Verlag, ed. BatesVl, bcPublic Domain
Jane Mary Guest6 Sonatas, Op. 11783Dedicated to Queen Charlotte of Great BritainKbd, fl/vl accPublic Domain
Jin Hee HanNostalgiab. 1979Korean composer; based on Korean folk rhythms and scales; composer is founder of American Women Composers AssociationFlContact composer for sheet music
D. Antoinette HandyHommage à Haute Savoie19555 short impressions; Black composer who was a flutist & arts administratorFlClarNan Editions
Jennifer Hankin5 Short Thoughts2019FlSyrinx Music
Amanda HarbergCourt Dances2017Fl, pfTheodore Presser
Barbara HellerParlano1993Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Fl, pfEdition Schott
Jennifer HigdonAutumn Reflection1994Fl, pfLawdon Press
Jennifer HigdonFlute Poetic2006Fl, pfLawdon Press
Jennifer Higdonrapid ◇ fire1992Extended techniques include flutter tonguing and harmonicsFlLawdon Press
Augusta HolmèsClair de Lune1847-1903Ed. Weinzierl & WächterFl, pfSchott Music
Augusta HolmèsTrois Petites Pièces1847-1903Chanson, Clair de lune, and Gigue; ed. MyreFl, pfTux People’s Music
Katherine HooverMedieval Suite1996Fl, pfTheodore Presser
Mary HoweInterlude Between Two Pieces1882-1964Published in collection “Twentieth Century Music for Flute and Piano or Flute Solo”Fl, pfHildegard Publishing
Melissa HuiTraceChinese-Canadian composer; published in anthology “Eight Visions,” ed. MartinFlTheodore Presser
Miriam HydeDancing Shadows1913-2005Post-romantic style; available in US through FluteWorldFl, pfAustralian Musc Centre
Miriam HydeFlute Sonata1962PDF download option availableFl, pfWirripang Pty Ltd
Niloufar IravaniDeparture2015Iranian composer; flute sonataFl, pfConners Publications
Adina IzarraEl Amolador1992Venezuelan composerFlLatin American Frontiers International Publishers
Nathalie JoachimWander2010Black composer; for flute, recorded voice, and electronics; whimsical, lighthearted, and playfulFl, elecFlutronix Publishing
Jolin JiangWeathered2020Chinese composer; inspired by water and the oceanFl, pfSelf-Published
Ginette KellerChant de Parthénope1968Student of Nadia BoulangerFl, pfEditions Max Eschig
Johanna Kinkel‘Johanna’ Medley of themes from her songs1810-1858Arr. Trubger; includes melodies from Ein froehliches Staendchen, Abschied, Turm und Flut, Provencalisches Lied, and Beduinen-RomanzeFl, pfTrübcher Music Editions
Felicitas KukuckSonate1941Composer was also a flutistFl, pfMöseler Verlag
Libby LarsenAubade1982FlE. C. Schirmer Music Company
Rachel LaurinSonate pour flûte et piano, Op. 291995Digital download available from Sheet Music PlusFl, pfDoberman-Yppan
Consuela LeeSonata for Flute and Piano1959Black composerFl, pfAmerican Composers Alliance
Tania LeónAlmaCuban-American composer; published in anthology “Eight Visions,” ed. MartinFlTheodore Presser
Tania Leóndel Caribe, Soy!Cuban-American composer; translation of title: “Caribbean, I am!”Fl, pfPeer Music
Liza LimBioluminescence2019Australian Music Centre
Binnette LipperFour Glimpses of Night1939-2016Based on a poem by Frank Marshall DavisFlHildegard Publishing
Allison Loggins-HullHomeland2018Black composer; extended techniques: pitch bends, slides, and timbral trillsFlFlutronix Publishing
Allison Loggins-HullPray2010Black composer; audio recording on Flutronix websiteFl, elecFlutronix Publishing
Ivana LoudováSuite for Solo Fluteb. 1941FlG Schirmer, Inc.
Phyllis Avidan LoukeSpirit of the Stallion2013Two Native American Landscapes for Flute Alone; dedicated to Charles Littleleaf, Native American flutist & traditional flute makerFlTheodore Presser
Elizabeth MaconchyColloquy1979Fl, pfChester Music
Alma MahlerLaue Sommernacht1910Originally for voice and piano; arr. MSM PressFl, pfOpen Cloud
Adriana Isabel Figueroa MañasRhapsodia Andinab. 1966Argentinian composerFl/vl, pfHildegard Publishing
Carmen Liliana MarulandaGuinevere’s Journeyb. 1976Columbian composer; combines traditional Colombian music and European Baroque music; Soundcloud demo on publisher’s websiteFl, pfLiliflute Music
Emilie MayerNotturno, Op. 481812-1883Originally for violin; arr. NeumanFl, pfNaama Neuman
Emilie MayerSonata in D Major1812-1883Originally for violin; arr. TerragniFl, pfFurore Verlag
Cecilia McDowallThe Moon Dances2013Commissioned by Susan Milan; inspired by poetry of LorcaFl, pfHunt Edition
Catherine McMichaelA Cottage Collectionb. 1954Trillium, Ros Botham (Rose Cottage) and As She WasFl, pfALRY Publications
Fanny MendelssohnItalien1827Originally for voice and piano; arr. MSM PressFl, pfOpen Cloud
Fanny MendelssohnNotturno, Andantino in G Minor (H. 337)1805-1847Originally for solo piano; included in collection “10 Masterpieces by Women Composers for Flute”Fl, pf8 Notes
Fanny MendelssohnSchwanenlied1846Originally for voiceFl, pfPublic Domain
Joyce Solomon MoormanThree Pieces for Flute1980Black composerFlJW Pepper
Angela MorleyValse Bleue2004First openly trans woman nominated for an Academy AwardFl, pfNovello
Geraldine MuchaNâse Cesta (Our Journey)2008Ed. BeynonFl, pfRiverberi Sonori
Laura NetzelBerceuse, Op. 691900Composer also published under pen name “N. Lago”Fl/vl, pfPublic Domain
Laura NetzelColibri, Op. 721912Fl/vl, pfPublic Domain
Laura NetzelLa Gondoliera, Op. 601896Written for violin but playable on flute (playlist video is an unpublished transcription)Vl, pfPublic Domain
Laura NetzelHumoresque, Op. 371896For violin but playable on fluteVl, pfPublic Domain
Laura NetzelSuite, Op. 331900Dedicated to Paul TaffanelFl, pfPublic Domain
Judy NishimuraMood Swingsb. 1953Asian-American composer; published in collection “21st Century Masterworks – 11 Pieces for Flute Alone”FlALRY Publications
Gabriela OrtizAlejandrías Sonoras2011Mexican composerFlBoosey & Hawkes
Meta OvermanFlute Sonata No. 11907-1993PDF download option availableFl, pfWirripang Pty Ltd
Meta OvermanFlute Sonata No. 21907-1993PDF download option availableFl, pfWirripang Pty Ltd
Younghi Pagh-PaanDreisam Nore1975Korean composer; Extended techniques include flutter tongue, harmonics, and glissandosFlRicordi Berlin
Maria Theresia von ParadisSicilienne in E-flat Major1759-1824Originally for violin; see “Transcriptions” tab in IMSLPFl, pfPublic Domain
Dora PejačevićSlavic Sonata in b minor, Op. 431917Fl, pfEdition Kossack
Barbara PentlandSonatina for Solo Flute1954FlAvondale Press
Barbara PentlandTrance1978Fl, hpAvondale Press
Anna Amalia von PreußenSonata in F1723-1787Youngest sister of Frederick the GreatFl, pfEdition Schott
Florence PriceAdoration1951Black composer; originally for organ; flute version under “Transcriptions” tab on IMSLP, arr. FineFl, pfPublic Domain
Florence PriceThe Deserted Garden1933Black composer; originally for violin and piano; arr. LukeFl, pfPublic Domain
Shulamit RanBirds of Paradise2014Israeli-American composerFl, pfTheodore Presser
Shulamit RanEast Wind for Solo Flute1987Israeli-American composer; extended techniques include pitch bends, key clicks, and percussive ‘spit tongue’ articulationsFlTheodore Presser
Elizabeth RaumConversations for Flute and Piano1982Fl, pfCanadian Music Centre
Eugenie RocherolleSonata No. 12009Dedicated to Jeannie BaxtresserFl, pfHal Leonard
Eugenie RocherolleVignette for Flute and Piano1978Very lyrical and pretty!Fl, pfTheodore Presser
Marguerite Roesgen-ChampionDanse Rituelle1894-1976Fl, hpLyra Music
Marguerite Roesgen-ChampionSuite Française1983Fl, hpGerard Billaudot
Amanda Röntgen-MaierSonata in B Minor1878Originally for violin; arr. WincencFl, pfHal Leonard/Keiser
Ali RyersonJazz Dream2022Commissioned by Claudia Anderson as part of her “Glass Ceilings” project; great for classical flutists who want to learn more about jazzFl/afl/bflTheodore Presser
Kaija SaariahoNoaNoa1992Info on electronics at, elecChester Music
Ruth SchonthalA Bird’s Song About…1991Impressionistic concert pieceFl, pfFurore Verlag
Clara SchumannNotturno, Op. 6, No. 21819-1896Included in collection “10 Masterpieces by Women Composers for Flute”Fl, pf8 Notes
Clara SchumannThree Romances, Op. 221819-1896Originally for violin and piano; arr. BrownFl, pfFalls House Press
Nina ShekharWaves for Emma2020Indian-American flutist and composerFlSelf-Published
Laura Maddalena Sirmen3 Violin Concertos, Op. 21745-1818Nos. 1 & 2 are in the flute range except for a handful of low notesVl, orchPublic Domain
Asha SrinivasanDancing, Still2023Indian-American composer; commissioned by the NFA for the 2023 High School Soloist competition; recording at twocomposers.orgFlJW Pepper
Jennifer StevensonSonatina for Flute and Piano2022Lyrical; in 2 movementsFl, pfTessella Music
Rita StrohlSolitude1897Violin version is playable on fluteVl/vcl, pfPublic Domain
Barbara StrozziChe si puo fare1619-1677Originally for voice + continuo; included in collection “10 Masterpieces by Women Composers for Flute”; demo on publisher’s siteFl, pf8 Notes
Germaine TailleferreConcertino1953Double concerto for flute & piano; premiered by RampalFl, pfGerard Billaudot
Germaine TailleferreDeuxième Sonate (Sonata No. 2)1951Originally for violin; arr. KunzerFl, pfALRY Publications
Germaine TailleferreForlane1972Included in the collection “Flötenmusik von Komponistinnen”Fl, pfEdition Schott
Germaine TailleferrePastorale1919Originally for violinFl, pfTheodore Presser
Germaine TailleferreSicilienne1948Pastorale from her Ballet “Paris-Magie”Fl/ob/vl, pfMusik Fabrik Music Publishing
Germaine TailleferreTrois Danses de “La Nouvelle Cythère”19293 dances from a ballet composed for the Ballets RussesFl, pfMusik Fabrik Music Publishing
Su Lian TanAutumn Lute-Song1995Malaysian-American composer; arr. BiggsFl, pf/orchTheodore Presser
Joan TowerFlute Concerto1989Dedicated to Carol WincencFl, pfAssociated Music Publishers
Yuko UebayashiLe vent à travers les ruines1998Japanese composerFlLemoine
Yuko UebayashiSonateb. 1958Japanese composer; combines French impressionism & Japanese film musicFl, pfAlphonse Leduc
Anne Valentine10 Sonatas for Keyboard and Violin or Flute1790Kbd, fl/vl accClarNan Editions
Anna Bon di VeneziaSix Sonatas, Op. 11756Writes in a transitional late Baroque / early Classical styleFl, pfPublic Domain
Adriana VerdiéFlute composer; 2-voice polyphony inspired by Argentinian panpipesFlCayambis Music Press
Pauline ViardotFleur Desséchée1821-1910Originally for voice and piano; arr. MSM PressFl, pfOpen Cloud
Pauline ViardotRomance, Six Morceaux No. 11821-1910Violin solo playable on flute (leave out the double stops)Vl, pfPublic Domain
Berthe di Vito-DelvauxÉglogue, Op. 511952Fl, pfBayard-Nizet
Vally WeiglOiseau de la vie1979Writing avoids exaggerated chromaticism & extreme contrasts; revised 2020 editionFl/clAmerican Composers Alliance
Keyna WilkinsFloating in Space2013For flute and star soundsFl, elecWirripang
Grace WilliamsSonatina for Flute and Piano1931Composer’s style influenced by Ralph Vaughan Williams; PDF availableFl, pfTŷ Cerdd
Ruth ZechlinSonatine1955If ordering in US via Alfred – printed on demandFl, pfEdition Peters
Grete von ZieritzBokelberger Suite1940This piece is at 31:50 in playlist videoFl, pfRies & Erler Verlag
Agnes ZimmermannVariations on Mendelssohn’s ‘Hirtenlied’1880No online recordings, but the Greater Portland Flute Society and Pan journal have both published reviewsFl, pfMusic Haven
Ellen Taaffe ZwilichConcerto for Flute and Orchestra1989Dedicated to Doriot Anthony DwyerFl, pf/orchMerion Music
Ellen Taaffe ZwilichConcerto Elegia2014Originally for flute + string orchestraFl, pf/orchTheodore Presser