Additional Resources for Flute Music by Women Composers

Check out the list below to explore some of my favorite online resources for information on women composers, contemporary flute repertoire, chamber music featuring the flute, and playlists of flute music by women composers!

Additional Resources for Flute Music by Women Composers

PS – none of the links below are from affiliates or sponsors – just content from other educators & organizations that I’ve enjoyed and found helpful 🙂

Composer Biographies

Flute Music

Collections (Solos from Various Eras)

Can’t decide where to start, or having trouble picking just one piece?  Here are a few collections of flute music by women composers that provide a sampling of music from across the eras or a  compilation of several pieces from an individual sub-genre. 

Modern Flute Solos

Historical Chamber Music

I haven’t gotten around to researching this much, nor found a database with a lot of historical chamber music by women composers featuring the flute.  However, despite being harder to find, these compositions do exist.

Contemporary Chamber Music

Technical Studies & Etudes